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New Chronic pain shirts

Being a chronic pain sufferer myself I have added a few different shirts. It really sucks having constant pain, somedays so debilitating that I cant move or go anywhere. In todays society because some people misuse opioids, it hinders those of us that depend on these drugs to survive the day. It is making it harder for doctors to prescribe these life saving drugs to those of us who depend on them. This is very unfair to those of us that have been on them for years, failed surgeries suck and it is no fun at all.

I'd love for people to start wearing these #CHRONICPAIN shirts to show everyone that we are united and support each other and support those with the pain that they live with everyday. When surgery fails, there is nothing else for us to do besides take heavy drugs to have any kind of normal life. I use normal life very lightly because if you do suffer from pain every day you know your life is anything than normal.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? IF you have a certain medical issue you are fighting, let us know and we can make a shirt for you. Examples of chronic pain would be from failed back surgeries like me, MS, autoimmune issues, nerve pain, and the list can go on and on.

Also, remember when you buy from us you are supporting a family not a corporation. We love our customers and strive to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products. You know the difference between making something with love verse coming off a machine somewhere, that is what we provide!

Please feel free to comment with any of your issues that you face on a daily basis. Is there a shirt you'd like? Use our custom shirt product to design it, if you want a picture put on a shirt please email us drugandesigns@outlook.com and we will make it for you.

Thank you again for ordering from us! We appreciate the support and love that you give us!

Aren't they just awesome shirts?

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