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How do I track my order?
Email us at and we will get the tracking # for you.
How can I order a custom shirt?
Email us with a jpg or png file with the design/picture, color and size and we will confirm the order with you and send an invoice through PayPal. There are no refunds on custom made items.
Why should I buy from you?
When you order from us we treat you like family, as we are a family business. Why go to the store when you can order online from your house. Why buy from a corporation when you can buy from a family! We don't keep personal information, you are safe on our site. We love what we do and we are confident you will love our products!
Returns Policy
There are no refunds on custom made items. 
Wholesale customers:
For large orders, send us an email at with the design/logo, qty and we will send you a quote. We price each job individually as it depends on the design/logo, qty, 
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